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Date Published:07/12/2017

Contract Number:CMS7988820
Contract Title:Informatica Software and Services Statewide Master Contract (IFB)


ScopeIndefinite-quantity statewide master contract for the purchase of Informatica Power Center Standard, Data Quality Standard, Master Data Management, associated software options, connectors, and professional configuration and implementation services.

MetaData:Informatica will be used in conjunction with a .NET outward facing web portal to provide an Enterprise view of child information utilizing the data from several disparate systems. These systems are in various formats including IMS, Nomad, VSAM, SQL, DB2, Access, and MySQL. Records are estimated not to exceed 100GB. Aggregation of child information is estimated not to exceed 500K records.

T-Number Title: MID RANGE - SOFTWARE (AS400, RISC)

Start Date:12/29/2016
Expiration Date:12/28/2019
Renewals Remainingup to 2 years
Fiscal Year:2016-2020

Joint Purchasing Indicator:Yes
Green ContractNo
Small Business Set-Aside:No
Does this contract include a BEP RequirementNo

**Agency designation restricts who can purchase from this contract. R0 indicates purchasing is open statewide.

Agency:SWC - Statewide Contract
Master Agency:
Master Sub-Agency:


***This contract has been assigned to DoIT. Please contact their procurement staff regarding any needs/issues.***

Original Procurement Method: IFB
IPB Solicitation #22038445
IPB Publication Date: 6/14/2016
Subcontractors Utilized/Disclosed: No/No

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