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Date Published:10/27/2017

Contract Number:DIT8050190
Contract Title:VMware Statewide Master Contract


ScopePurchase of VMware brand software, maintenance/support, training and services

MetaData:VMware software, VMware maintenance/support, training and services

T-Number Title: PC SOFTWARE

Start Date:10/18/2017
Expiration Date:06/30/2020
Renewals Remaining2
Fiscal Year:2018

Joint Purchasing Indicator:Yes
Green ContractNo
Small Business Set-Aside:No
Does this contract include a BEP RequirementNo

**Agency designation restricts who can purchase from this contract. R0 indicates purchasing is open statewide.

Agency:SWC - Statewide Contract
Master Agency:
Master Sub-Agency:


Statewide master contract for the purchase of VMware brand software, maintenance/support, training and services. This master contract is available to all State of Illinois agencies, boards, commissions and educational institutions.

Original Procurement Method: IFB
IPB Solicitation #22040850
IPB Publication Date: 5/30/17
Subcontractors Utilized/Disclosed: No/No

Vendor Name: Zones, Inc.
Vendor Phone: 253-205-3000

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