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Created Date:10/01/2018
Created By: Julia Shaw


Reference Number:22042213
Title:THA - 17-0215 Diversity Compliance Consultant Services

Vendor Selected for Award

Vendor Name:Hamilton Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Vendor Contact Name:Ms. Kristen R. Hamilton
Vendor Street Address:3230 Executive Drive
Vendor CityJoliet
Vendor State:IL
Vendor Zip Code:60431
Vendor Phone Number:815/ 730-3444
Vendor Fax Number:000/ 000-0000

Key Information

Amount of Award:$11,655,050.00 (Total Dollar Value Only)
Cost of Initial Term:$6,993,030.00 (Total Dollar Amount of Initial Term)
Cost of Renewals:$4,662,020.00 (Total Dollar Amount of Renewals)
BEP Goal Amount (Percentage):37.16%
DBE Goal Amount (Percentage):0.00%
Will Sub-Contractors Be Utilized?Yes