Vendor Award InformationHelp

Created Date:06/30/2017
Created By: Vince Salvo


Reference Number:22041070
Title:Novell Agency Specific Master Contract

Vendor Selected for Award

Vendor Name:Micro Focus Software Inc.
Vendor Contact Name:Brian O'Donnell
Vendor Street Address:1800 South Novell Place
Vendor CityProvo
Vendor State:UT
Vendor Zip Code:84606
Vendor Phone Number:651-674-2893
Vendor Fax Number:651-674-2893

Key Information

Amount of Award:$500,000.00 (Total Dollar Value Only)
Cost of Initial Term:$500,000.00 (Total Dollar Amount of Initial Term)
Cost of Renewals:$0.00 (Total Dollar Amount of Renewals)
BEP Goal Amount (Percentage):0.00%
DBE Goal Amount (Percentage):0.00%
Will Sub-Contractors Be Utilized?No