Reference Number: 22037757
Request ID:
Date First Offered03/17/2016
Title:SBE: Web-based Illinois Nutrition System (WINS) Software Developer

Agency Reference Number:586
Agency:SBE - State Board of Education
Purchasing Agency:SBE - State Board of Education
Purchasing Agency SPO:Jean Sandstrom

Status: Closed


Description and Specifications:
The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is seeking to award to Bowsher Information Systems, Inc. to acquire the services of one software developer to assist in the development and maintenance of extant and future data systems as they pertain to Child Nutrition projects. This support includes the development and maintenance of the Web-based Illinois Nutrition System (WINS).

This solicitation was set-aside for Small Business.

The resulting contract shall have an initial term which starts July 1, 2016 or date of execution (whichever is later) through June 30, 2017. This contract does include three (3) one-year renewal options.

The initial term of this contract shall not exceed $164,000 without a formal change order.

For purposes of compliance with Section 511 of P.L. 101-166 and 101-517, (the "Stevens Amendment"), vendors are advised the total amount of federal funding available for the initial contract period will not exceed $164,000 and 100% of the funds for this program will be derived from federal sources.

Key Information

Notice Type:Contract Renewal
Notice Expiration Date:02/19/2018
Professional & Artistic:No
Small Business Set-Aside:Yes
Does this solicitation contain a BEP or DBE requirement?:No
Does this solicitation contain a Veteran requirement?:No
Relevant Category:IT
Length of Renewal Term:12
Contract Begin Date:07/01/2016
Contract End Date:06/30/2017
Remaining Renewal Terms:Three (3) one-year renewal options
Contract Renewal
Openframe Technologies
Medcomps Corp.
Edify Technologies
SEA Group
Cost of Initial Term: (Total Dollar Amount of Initial Term)
Cost of this Renewal: (Total Dollar Amount of Renewal)
Renewal Increase/Decrease:
Change in Specifications:No
Renewal Number: of

Vendor(s) Selected for Award
Vendor NameAmount of Award BEP Goal % DBE Goal %
Bowsher Information Systems, Inc. $680,000.000%0%

Notice Contact
Name: Craig Foxall
Street Address:100 N. 1st. St.
Zip Code:62777
Phone: 217.785.8777
Fax Number:217.557.5839

Class Code

Class Codes:


NIGP Commodity/Service Code:918 00 CONSULTING SERVICES - All
918 38 Education and Training Consulting
918 71 IT Consulting


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