Reference Number: 22021560
Request ID:11-58152
Date First Offered05/02/2011
Title:Human Resource Information (HRI) DataMart Resources

Agency Reference Number:11-58152
Agency:DOT - Transportation
Purchasing Agency:DOT - Transportation
Purchasing Agency SPO:Colleen Caton; Michael Drea

Status: Closed


Description and Specifications:
Illinois Department of Transportation (DOT) is giving notice of intent to award a contract as a result of the Request for Proposal (RFP) issued under this reference number 22021560 for a Information Technology professionals to work on the Human Resource Information (HRI) Datamart project and work with existing full time staff on the existing data marts/applications and review opportunities for additional data marts that would benefit the Agency.

Award is being given to the responsive and responsible vendor with the highest combined technical/responsiveness and price points.

Determination was made that the anticipated cost will be fair and reasonable.

Contract start date is an estimate. Actual start date will be no sooner than last signature on contract or execution, whichever occurs last.

This purchase specifies a 25% BEP goal. This purchase has no DBE goal.

Due to the unprecedented economic recession the State of Illinois has experienced lower than expected revenues which has led to a delayed payment cycle. In many cases, vendors and service providers are waiting several months to receive payment for goods and services provided to the state. The State of Illinois Vendor Payment Program is intended to provide relief to those vendors and service providers. For more information please see our website at

Key Information

Notice Type:Contract Renewal
Notice Expiration Date:01/20/2016
Professional & Artistic:No
Small Business Set-Aside:No
Does this solicitation contain a BEP or DBE requirement?:Yes
Does this solicitation contain a Veteran requirement?:
Relevant Category:IT
Estimate total of $12,924,000 (Initial Term: $6,364,000 & Renewal Periods: $6,560,000) based on the fixed hourly rates specified in the attachment pricing matrix.
Length of Renewal Term:48
Contract Begin Date:11/04/2011
Contract End Date:11/03/2015
Remaining Renewal Terms:A total of 4 years in one of the following manners: a) One renewal covering the entire renewal allowance, b) Individual one-year renewals up to and including the entire renewal allowance, or c) Any combination of full or partial-year renewals up to and including the entire renewal allowance.
Contract Renewal
IT Associates($12,298,880)
Rose International ($10,287,480)
Oakwood Systems ($11,200,200)
HTC Global ($11,231,380)
Tek Systems ($13,129,120)
Bourntec ($13,406,300)
CGN & Associates ($14,631,340)
EKI ($14,986,240)
VIVA USA ($14,314,460)
Estrada Consulting (Mandatory Requirements not met)
Alert IT Solutions (Mandatory Requirements not met)
CDI IT (Mandatory Requirements not met)
SCGI Corp. (Mandatory Requirements not met)
Dunn Solutions Group (Mandatory Requirements not met)
LRS (Mandatory Requirements not met)
Cost of Initial Term: (Total Dollar Amount of Initial Term)
Cost of this Renewal: (Total Dollar Amount of Renewal)
Renewal Increase/Decrease:
Change in Specifications:No
Renewal Number: of

Vendor(s) Selected for Award
Vendor NameAmount of Award BEP Goal % DBE Goal %
Capitol Strategies Consulting$12,924,000.0025%0%

Notice Contact
Name: John Power
Street Address:401 S. Spring Street
Zip Code:62706
Phone: 217.557.0169
Fax Number:217.782.5187

Class Code

Class Codes:E110 EDP; Consulting Services


NIGP Commodity/Service Code:920 40 Programming Services; Computer (Including Mobile Device Appl...


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