Reference Number: 22029261
Request ID:13-73200
Date First Offered01/29/2013
Title:DHS/FY14/Early Intervention Child & Family Connections RFP

Agency Reference Number:DHS 73200
Agency:DHS - Human Services
Purchasing Agency:DHS - Human Services
Purchasing Agency SPO:Kenneth Crutcher

Status: Closed


Description and Specifications:
The Illinois Department of Human Services is seeking to award 22 vendors a contract to serve as one of 25 Early Intervention (EI) Child and Family Connections (CFC) offices for designated geographic areas. The 25 CFC Offices are the regional intake entities defined in State statute (325 ILCS 20) and rule (89 IL Admin Code 500) as the Department's designated entity responsible for implementation of the Early Intervention Services System within its designated geographic area. The Department is required to assure the designation of regional intake points to accomplish consistent system intake and service coordination throughout the State.

**Three (3) Vendors will be awarded a contract for 2 separate CFC offices.

Key Information

Notice Type:Contract Renewal
Notice Expiration Date:07/13/2017
Professional & Artistic:No
Small Business Set-Aside:No
Does this solicitation contain a BEP or DBE requirement?:No
Does this solicitation contain a Veteran requirement?:
Relevant Category:Health and Medical Services
Contract Amounts are set by the IDHS Early Intervention Office and are based on anticipated caseloads for that geographic area. Each contract includes a 12 month initial term plus the option for four 1 year renewals.

See Vendor Award Information for a breakdown of each individual vendor's awarded total.
Length of Renewal Term:12
Contract Begin Date:07/01/2013
Contract End Date:06/30/2014
Remaining Renewal Terms:4
Contract Renewal
CFC Office #1 - Easter Seals Society of Metro Chicago.
CFC Office #7 - Easter Seals Society of Metro Chicago AND Through A Child's Eyes.
CFC Office #12 - Suburban Access, Inc.
CFC Office #14 - Peoria County Board for the Care and Treatment of Persons with a Developmental Disability.
CFC Office #15 - Suburban Access, Inc.
CFC Office #16 - Crosspoint Human Services.
Cost of Initial Term: (Total Dollar Amount of Initial Term)
Cost of this Renewal: (Total Dollar Amount of Renewal)
Renewal Increase/Decrease:
Change in Specifications:No
Renewal Number: of

Vendor(s) Selected for Award
Vendor NameAmount of Award BEP Goal % DBE Goal %
Wabash & Ohio Valley Special Education District (WOVSED) (CFC 23)$2,107,054.000%0%
Suburban Access, Inc. (CFC 7)$9,960,366.000%0%
Service of Will, Grundy & Kankakee Counties, Inc. (CFC 15)$11,838,857.000%0%
Sangamon County Health Department (CFC 18)$3,188,588.000%0%
Rush University Medical Center (CFC 11)$21,923,011.000%0%
Regional Superintendent of Schools for Pike and Adams County (CFC 17)$2,294,342.000%0%
Regional Office of Education #13 (CFC's 21 & 22)$9,831,586.000%0%
PACT, Inc. (CFC 5)$10,898,531.000%0%
Options and Advocacy for McHenry County (CFC 25)$4,779,507.000%0%
Macon County Community Mental Health Board (CFC 19)$3,995,636.000%0%
LaRabida Children's Hospital (CFC 10)$8,618,814.000%0%
Lake County Health Department (CFC 2)$7,516,053.000%0%
Hektoen Institute for Medical Research, LLC (CFC 9)$10,251,281.000%0%
Hancock-McDonough Regional Office of Education #26 (CFC 13)$2,643,718.000%0%
Easter Seals Society of Metro Chicago (CFC's 8 & 12)$18,300,445.000%0%
Easter Seals - UCP (CFC's 14 & 16)$11,326,608.000%0%
Day One Network, Inc. (CFC 4)$8,874,656.000%0%
Clearbrook (CFC 6)$15,464,117.000%0%
Carroll & JoDavies & Stephenson ROE (CFC 3)$3,200,492.000%0%
Archway, Inc. (CFC 24)$1,923,318.000%0%
ARC Community Support System (CFC 20)$4,153,236.000%0%
Access Services of Northern Illinois (CFC 1)$6,289,446.000%0%

Notice Contact
Name: Kenneth Crutcher
Street Address:401 N. 4th St, 2nd Floor
Centrum North
Zip Code:62702
Phone: 217-558-1596
Fax Number:217-557-9044

Class Code

Class Codes:S510 Social Services


NIGP Commodity/Service Code:952 00 HUMAN SERVICES - All


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