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Date First Offered12/12/2008
Title:Cellular Services Contracts

Agency Reference Number:CMS 38526, 38555, 38566, 38633
Agency:CMS - Central Management Services
Purchasing Agency:CMS - Central Management Services
Purchasing Agency SPO:Gwyn Gurgens

Status: Closed


Description and Specifications:
The Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) is giving notice of intent to award four (4) Emergency Contracts to allow the State to provide continued services within the State's Cellular Regions. Contracts are with Verizon Wireless, [Sprint] Nextel Communications, AT&T Mobility, and, Illinois Valley (IV) Cellular.
A "Cellular Statewide Carrier Map" is available at this link:

The purpose of executing extensions to these contracts is to allow for the ongoing competitive purchase process of Statewide Cellular RFP (IPB reference # 22015965).

The emergency agreements are to extend coverage as follows:

Regions 1-4 and 6: Vendor Verizon Wireless
Region 5: Vendor IV Cellular
Region 7: Vendor AT&T Mobility
iDEN PTT: Vendor Sprint Nextel

At time of contract execution, the new agreements will supersede the respective Emergency Contracts.

Key Information

Notice Type:Emergency Procurement

Notice Expiration Date:11/05/2009
Emergency Justification:The contracts expired December 31, 2008. The existing contracts intended for coverage under award will be extended for nine (9) months, through September 30, 2009. These extensions will avoid interruption in the availability of these cellular services which the State depends on. Cellular service is necessary to support public health & safety and to prevent serious disruptions in State services. Cellular phones serve as a lifeline for many state workers to keep in contact with colleagues, management & constituents during on business and crisis situations.
Accordance with Admin Rule:Minimize serious disruption to state services

Professional & Artistic:No
Small Business Set-Aside:No

Does this solicitation contain a BEP or DBE requirement?:No

Does this solicitation contain a Veteran requirement?:

Relevant Category:Telecom

Total Amount of Award:$7,079,000.00 (Total Dollar Value Only/Includes Any Renewal Options)
Estimated/Actual Value Description:Estimated Values:
Verizon Wireless $6,000,000.00
Sprint Nextel $915,000.00
Illinois Valley Cellular $30,000.00
AT&T $134,000.00

Contract values are based on previous monthly usage history; Notice will be amended to note actual costs upon final cost determination for each contract.
Length of Initial Term:9
Contract Begin Date:01/01/2009
Contract End Date:09/30/2009
Renewal Terms:None


Number of Responding Bidders:0
Number of Unsuccessful Bidders:0
Total Number Awarded:0

Listing of All Bidders/Offerors Considered But Not Selected:
Source Selection:N/A

Vendor(s) Selected for Award
Vendor NameAmount of Award BEP Goal % DBE Goal %
Verizon Wireless$6,000,000.00
Sprint Nextel$915,000.00
Illinois Valley Cellular$30,000.00

Notice Contact
Name: John Power
Street Address:401 S. Spring Street
Zip Code:62706
Phone: 217-557-0169
Fax Number:217-782-5187

Class Code

Class Codes:T100 Telecommunications


NIGP Commodity/Service Code:


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