Reference Number: 22020792
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Date First Offered02/17/2011
Title:DHS SingerMHC-Air Handler Emergency

Agency Reference Number:DHSSMHC EMG21511
Agency:DHS - Human Services
Purchasing Agency:DHS - Human Services
Purchasing Agency SPO:William Strahle

Status: Closed


Description and Specifications:
The repair of the Air Handler Fan was originally considered to be only motor replacement. However, after repairs were started, the problems with the repair escalated. On 2/15/2011 it was determined that the costs were going beyond the voucher amount and an emergency was necessary to complete the repairs for the building heating and ventilation system.

Key Information

Notice Type:Emergency Procurement

Notice Expiration Date:03/02/2011
Emergency Justification:A large, primary air handler in Hawthorne Hall, the facility administration building, failed on1/28/11. This fan was installed as original equipment in 1967, It appeared initially that replacement of the motor would suffice to bring it back into service. However, because of its age, a peripheral part failed to recover adequately from the fan’s failure. On 2/7/11, a “soft start” controller, a device designed to bring the fan up to full speed slowly so as to avoid damage to the fan from sudden acceleration to operating speed, also failed to perform adequately. What could have been a relatively minor expense is growing into a potentially large expense. On 2/15/2011 it became clear that repair was going beyond the voucher amount and this was determined to be an emergency. This air handler is an essential component of the building’s heating and ventilation system. It is a large fan whose function cannot be made up by other fans or systems, due to the initial design. Without this air handler functioning properly , it will be impossible to balance temperature and fresh air sufficiently to function adequately as offices. The facility has no electrical repair and maintenance contract in place due to bidding and contracting delays, These necessary repairs, along with prior FY11 electrical repairs, will generate electrical repair expenses for FY11 in excess of $10,000
Accordance with Admin Rule:Minimize serious disruption to critical state services that affect health, safety, or collection of substantial state revenues, Protect against further damage to state property

Professional & Artistic:No
Small Business Set-Aside:No

Does this solicitation contain a BEP or DBE requirement?:No

Does this solicitation contain a Veteran requirement?:

Relevant Category:Facilities

Total Amount of Award:$15,000.00 (Total Dollar Value Only/Includes Any Renewal Options)
Estimated/Actual Value Description:
Length of Initial Term:3
Contract Begin Date:02/15/2011
Contract End Date:05/29/2011
Renewal Terms:0


Number of Responding Bidders:0
Number of Unsuccessful Bidders:0
Total Number Awarded:0

Listing of All Bidders/Offerors Considered But Not Selected:
Source Selection:N/A

Vendor(s) Selected for Award
Vendor NameAmount of Award BEP Goal % DBE Goal %
Kelso Burnett Co.$15,000.00

Notice Contact
Name: Trudy Haffer
Street Address:401 N. 4th Street
Zip Code:62702
Phone: 217-782-0706
Fax Number:217-557-9044

Class Code

Class Codes:3585 Air Conditioning; Heating & Ventilating Equipment Parts & Accessories


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