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Date First Offered12/02/2009
Title:Upcoming Procurement Opportunities Report

Agency Reference Number:Monthly Report
Agency:CMS - Central Management Services
Purchasing Agency:CMS - Central Management Services
Purchasing Agency SPO:Gwyn Gurgens

Status: Closed


Description and Specifications:
Attached is a current Potential Procurement Opportunities Report published monthly to the Illinois Procurement Bulletin announcing potential upcoming procurement opportunities with the State of Illinois specifically under the jurisdiction of the Central Management Services' (CMS) Chief Procurement Officer (CPO). These potential procurement opportunities are identified based on records that provide conceptual approval for Request For Proposals (RFPs) or Invitation For Bids (IFBs) for supplies and/or services, and for which the status indicates the opportunity has not yet been published.
The report is intended to provide vendors with notice of upcoming potential opportunities. The State cannot guarantee that solicitations appearing on this report will be executed, or that they have not recently been published, though attempts are made to reflect current status. It is the responsibility of interested parties to monitor and/or search the Illinois Procurement Bulletin for Procurement Opportunities.
Calls to agency contacts may be made for purpose of confirming a potential opportunity remains active or to question a potential opportunity that you feel has recently been published for purposes of confirming duplicate or inactive opportunities that appear on the report in error.
All vendors shall be provided fair and equal opportunity; therefore, requests to receive copies of the potential opportunity bid documents, discuss content of the potential opportunity, or notice of date that we anticipate the bid will be published will be denied.
You are encouraged to register to receive e-mail notification of opportunities under your class code(s) of interest, and/or register to download copies of solicitations. For assistance please contact the Procurement Call Center at 1-866-ILL-BUYS.

Key Information

Notice Type:General Notice

Notice Expiration Date:12/31/2009

Professional & Artistic:No
Small Business Set-Aside:No

Does this solicitation contain a BEP or DBE requirement?:No

Does this solicitation contain a Veteran requirement?:

Relevant Category:Other

Total Amount of Award:$0.00 (Total Dollar Value Only/Includes Any Renewal Options)
Estimated/Actual Value Description:N/A

Number of Responding Bidders:0
Number of Unsuccessful Bidders:0
Total Number Awarded:0

Listing of All Bidders/Offerors Considered But Not Selected:
Source Selection:N/A

Vendor(s) Selected for Award
No vendor information to display.

Notice Contact
Name: Procurement Call Center
Street Address:401 S. Spring - Room 516
Zip Code:62706
Phone: 866-455-2897
Fax Number:217-558-1759

Class Code

Class Codes:1791 Tanks
2032 Nutritional Food Supplements
2048 Feed; Vitamins and Supplements for Animals
2279 Carpeting and Rugs
2395 Emblems
2511 Beds and Mattresses
2591 Window Blinds and Shades
2641 Reflective Material
2647 Incontinent Briefs and Related Items
2751 Silk Screening
2789 Bookbinding Equipment and Supplies
2813 Gases: Laboratory; Medical and Welding
2819 Calcium Chloride
2833 Culture Media; Prepared
2834 Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
2841 First Aid Equipment and Supplies
2869 Clinical Laboratory Reagents and Tests
2870 Alcohol Products
2879 Weed Killers and Herbicides
2880 Insecticides and Fungicides
2899 Ice Melt Compounds
2900 Water Treating Chemicals
3069 Laboratory Supplies
3070 Testing Apparatus and Instruments
3072 Laboratory Equipment: General Analytical & Research
3074 Laboratory Equipment: Biochemistry; Etc.
3161 Luggage and Briefcases
3211 Glass; Miscellaneous
3229 Optical Equipment; Accessories & Supplies
3241 Cement
3261 Mowers; Flail Type
3263 Cutlery; Dishes; Flatware; and Trays
3272 Concrete
3292 Plumbing; Miscellaneous
3312 Metals
3333 Post
3423 Tools
3429 Hardware
3444 Culverts
3452 Fasteners
3494 Valves
3499 Metal & Castings
3511 Power Plant Equipment
3519 Engines
3523 Mowers and Farm Implements
3524 Tractors
3531 Highway Equipment; Misc.; & Truck Accessories
3537 Material Handling Equipment
3551 Dairy
3555 Printing Trades Machinery; Photo-Typesetting Equipment and Supplies
3561 Pumps
3570 Compactors and Dupmster
3571 Packaging Equipment
3572 Cleaners/Washers
3576 Scales
3582 Laundry; Dry Cleaning Equip. Compounds & Supplies
3584 Water Coolers
3585 Air Conditioning; Heating & Ventilating Equipment Parts & Accessories
3589 Floor Maintenance Machines
3600 Electronic Equipment & Supplies
3601 Communications Equipment
3620 Miscellaneous; Commodities & Equipment
3621 Generators
3622 Motors; Electric
3633 Appliances
3636 Sewing Machines and Related Items
3691 Batteries
3711 Street Sweepers
3713 Trailer; Bus & Misc. Bodies
3728 Hydraulic
3779 ATV-All Terrain Vehicle
3799 Snowmobiles/Truckers
3811 Surveying-Engineering Equipment
3824 Traffic Counters
3835 Veterinary Supplies
3840 Safety Equipment
3841 Hospital Supplies
3842 Hospital Equipment: Mobility; Speech Impaired
3843 Dental Equipment and Supplies
3845 Hospital Equipment
3861 Imaging Equipment and Supplies
3861 Reproduction Paper
3862 X-Ray Equipment & Supplies (Medical)
3899 Belts and Belting; Non-Automotive
3931 Musical Instruments
3944 Arts and Crafts Supplies
3993 Signs
5012 Vehicles; Miscellaneous
5013 Automotive Maintenance
5014 Automotive Tires
5015 Garage Equipment
5021 Furniture
5023 Aluminum Ware
5037 Fencing
5039 Building Materials
5041 Sporting & Athletic Goods
5042 Toys and Games
5043 Audio Visual Equipment and Supplies
5052 Coal
5063 Electrical Supplies
5072 Shelving
5073 Warning Devices
5078 Refrigeration Equipment & Accessories
5081 Office Machines
5082 Cafeteria Equipment
5083 Computer Supplies
5084 Air Compressors
5085 Containers
5086 Drafting
5087 Janitorial Supplies
5088 Aircrafts and Parts
5089 Boats; Motors and Marine Supplies
5093 Hoists
5094 Metal Working
5095 Spraying
5096 Printing Machinery and Supplies
5099 Trophies
5112 Office Supplies
5113 Paper and Plastic Products; Disposable
5114 Canning
5122 Personal Hygiene and Grooming Equipment & Supplies
5131 Upholstery
5133 Textiles; Fibers; Household Linens and Piece Goods
5134 Notions and Related Sewing Accessories and Supplies
5136 Souvenirs; Promotional & Advertising
5137 Clothing; Apparel; Uniforms and Acessories
5139 Shoes and Boots
5140 Rags; Shop Towels; and Wiping Cloths
5142 Groceries; Frozen Foods
5143 Groceries; Dairy Products
5144 Groceries; Poultry Products
5145 Groceries; Confectionary
5146 Groceries; Fish and Seafood
5147 Groceries; Meats and Meat Products
5148 Groceries; Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
5149 Groceries; Miscellaneous
5154 Livestock
5159 Broom Shop
5172 Petroleum Products
5184 Woodworking
5189 Flags; Flag Poles and Accessories
5191 Seed; Nursery Stock and Supplies
5194 Paper and Envelopes
5198 Painting Supplies and Equipment
5199 Canvas Products
5200 Bags; Burlap; Grain and Tobacco
5201 Books and Periodicals
5202 Plastic Laminate
5203 Pictures and Paintings
5251 Chain Saws and Trimmers
5261 Fertilizers
5284 Welding Equipment and Supplies
5285 Asbestos Abatement
5300 Road & Highway Building Materials
5311 Police Equipment
5384 Drilling
5941 Park; Playground; Recreational Area Equipment
7377 EDP; Personal Computers; Laptops; and Printers
BEP Business Enterprise Program
D081 Digital Copier
E110 EDP; Consulting Services
E120 EDP; Data Entry Services
E130 EDP; Programming Services
E210 EDP; Hardware Maintenance
E310 EDP; Mainframe/WAN Hardware
E320 EDP; PC Software
E350 EDP; Software Maintenance
E410 EDP; microcomputers; workstations/LAN Hardware
E420 EDP; Mid Range Hardware (AS400; RISC)
E440 EDP; Mid Range Software (AS400; RISC)
E450 EDP; microcomputers; servers/LAN Hardware
E510 EDP; Mainframe Software
E610 EDP; Other
E700 Fiber Optic
E800 Intelligent Transportation Systems
EXEMPT Governor's Exemption
H100 Highway Construction
PPB Procurement Policy Board
R073 Warning Devices; Recycled
R087 Janitorial Supplies; Recycled
R096 Printing Supplies and Laser Printer Cartridges; Recycled
R112 Office Supplies; Recycled
R113 Paper Products; Recycled
R172 Petroleum Products; Recycled
R300 Road & Highway Building Materials; Recycled
R647 Incontinent Briefs; Recycled
R941 Park; Playground; Recreational Area Equipment; Recycled
R941 Recycled Park and Playground Equipment
S100 Advertising Services
S110 Aircraft Maintenace & Repair Services
S120 Air Conditioning; Heating; & Ventilating Services Services
S130 Alarms/Emergency Services
S160 Appliance; Tool; Small Equipment Installation & Repair Services
S180 Auto; Property & Casualty Insurance/Appraisal Services
S200 Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services
S210 Construction Services
S220 Defined Benefit (Pension)/Contribution Retirement Plan Services
S230 Energy; Environmental; Engineering; Architectural; & Surveying Services
S240 Financial Services & Credit Reporting Services
S250 Food Services
S260 Furniture & Reupholstery Services
S300 Health; Dental; Life Insurance; & Services
S320 Janitorial Services
S330 Laboratory; Research; & Development Services
S340 Lawn Care Services
S350 Legal/Legislative Services
S360 Lodging Services
S370 Mailing; Reproduction; & Delivery Services
S380 Management; Consulting; & Public Relations (non-EDP) Services
S390 Medical Services
S400 Miscellaneous Services
S410 Office Machine Repair and Maintenance Services
S420 Personnel Services
S430 Petroleum; Refining; Clean-Up Tanks; etc. Services
S440 Photograhic/Audio Visual Services
S450 Plumbing Services
S460 Real Estate/Real Property Services
S480 Recycling Services
S500 Risk Management; Workers' Compensation Services
S505 Security Services
S510 Social Services
S520 Travel Services
S530 Vehicle Services
T100 Telecommunications
X011 PRINTING; Misc. Commercial
X021 PRINTING; Business Forms
X034 PRINTING; Engraved Printing
X060 PRINTING; Decals; Labels; Tags; and Stickers
X070 PRINTING; Envelopes; blank & printed
X090 PRINTING; Specialty Printing
X200 PRINTING; Paper (Fine; Xerographic; etc.)
X205 PRINTING; Paper - Annual Contract; Fine
XR11 PRINTING; Recycled Printing; Misc. Commercial
XR17 PRINTING; Recycled Envelopes - Annual Contract
XR21 PRINTING; Recycled Business Forms
XR30 PRINTING; Recycled Business Cards
XR34 PRINTING; Recycled Engraved Printing
XR50 PRINTING; Recycled Paper - Fine; etc.
XR55 PRINTING; Recycled Paper - Annual Contract
XR60 PRINTING; Recycled Decals; Labels; Tags; etc.
XR70 PRINTING; Recycled Envelopes
XR90 PRINTING; Recycled Specialty Printing


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